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Full Body Prayer

Body Prayer

Prayer Pose (Tuning in): Gather hands into a prayer pose

Bow (Honoring)

Opening: Surrender Arms Open (Lookup)

Reception: Hands over the heart

Sharing: Open Arms and twist side to side

Grounding: End with hands down at your sides

  1. Prayer pose- Say, “I am here-with openness, sincerity, authenticity, and purity of heart.”

  2. Bow- Say, “I acknowledge that I am standing in, with, and before wholeness and holiness. I bow to the whole of whom I am an integral part. I submit to this wholeness and empty myself into its mystery.”

  3. Opening- Say, “We are embodied receiving units of divine energy and spirit. Opening our capacity to receive this loving energy deepens. In this open-heartedness, our hearts get cracked wide open.” (Raising hands up)

  4. Reception- Say, “Having consented to a process of emptying, there is in us a certain spaciousness to receive. We drink deeply of divine love. Here we are offered not certainty, but a growing sense of our place in the family of things.” (Bringing hands to chest)

  5. Sharing- Say, “But this is not to be grasped or hoarded. Indeed it can’t be. It is most deeply held as, paradoxically, it is shared and given away. There is nothing here that can be controlled. Turning from one side to another, arms wide open, look around and see how the seeds of this mysterious love are being scattered and multiplied.”

  6. Grounding- Say, “All this is being carried in an embodied being who is connected to both earth and heaven. I am here. I am awake. I am connected. I am home.”(hands placed down, flat at one’s side, grounding into the earth)

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