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Home-Body: Embodiment

The place we lay our head at night, the space that we call home, can have a huge impact on our lives. Whether we are facing housing insecurities, overwhem in the home, or feelings of health and safety; where we dwell day to day, impacts our health and wellness.

God desires our well-being. God desires our safety and security. In this mindfulness practice, we walk patiently, slowly and presently through our reality. You may want to share this practice with a trusted friend or family member. (If you are feeling unsafe in your home, there are people who can help HERE)

Enjoy this practice and approach it at your own time and pace.

  1. Begin by entering into a room in your home or current dwelling space. Choose a room that you spend most of your time in. If your space consists of a single room... Then go to the most occupied space in the room.

  2. Engage with all of your senses. Stay present and breathe. What do you see? Smell? Taste? Hear? Observe? Notice the details of the space. Color. Shape. Texture etc.

  3. Notice the feeling you get when becoming aware of the space in this way. Keep breathing. Notice how your body feels.

  4. Embody the space. Use your physical body to express the feelings, emotions and contents of the room. How would your body move, stretch or contort if it were to become the space.

  5. Notice what your noticing about this practice. Journal your thoughts and experience.

  6. Repeat throughout the home or dwelling.

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