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Movement for Rest- Move in January

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

After much anticipation, The Red Clay Abbey is finally moving into a Santuary Rest Space in the Neighborhood of North Casper. This space will be an open, inclusive space for neighbors and the wider community of Casper to come and share daily and seasonal retreat space. Take a pause and some deep breaths out of the cold and away from the overwhelm of the world. Renew your body, mind and spirit and learn a more sustainable way of BEing in the world.

In the month of January The Red Clay Abbey & The Table will be moving into the space and will be needing assistance with moving, settling, hospitality, and nurturing the space. If you are interested in learning the mindfulness practice of space creation and hospitality, contact your favorite neighborhood Abbess for more details: Text: 307-851-6638 There are many ways to get involved. This is a community space. When community comes together in the nourishment of the space, we pray life into it's walls, and life into one another. Tea, snacks and community building included.

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