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Rebel with a Pause: Tara the Liberator

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

(January 2023- 40 Day Sadhana)

Step into the New Year Poised for Pause with this month's Liberation Sadhana. This 40-day practice will be guided by the teachings of the virtuous and rebellious Tara. Looking to Tara for encouragement, we learn to cultivate her qualities for creating a more harmonious, connected, and sustainable way of BEing.

Tara the Liberator will help us to find freedom in our minds, bodies, and spirits. As we commit ourselves to this 40-day practice, we begin to move stagnant energy out and open to the freedom and flow of our divine life-force energy.

This Sadhana begins January 1st and goes through February 9th. Register HERE

Red Clay Abbey Sadhana Includes:

  • Opening Prayer/Meditation

  • Mantra/Chant/Hymn

  • Body Practice

  • Qi Nap/Savasana

  • Ending Meditation

Liberation Sadhana Includes:

  • PDF Download w/ practice

  • Video Library w/each practice for custom engagment.

  • Access to once-a-week in-person community practice space (with Zoom option)

  • Access to the Sunday Sangha community space- this month we will learn from the teachings of the 21 Tara's. Specifically White and Green Tara.

  • Tara Icon Altar Card

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